Intrinsic, 4 Ways

As we transition from spring to summer, an age-old theme appears: sun-kissed. Dewy cheeks, glossy lids, and glistening lips epitomize the hotter months but achieving that look can be a little less than practical. You can, of course, spend time at the pool or the beach. You can also partake of the dozens of illuminating balms, powders, and compacts hitting the market this season. While both options can be good, if you’re a busy gal enjoying the weather in between taking over the world, you’re going to need a glow that works just as hard as you.

 Intrinsic Axiology

Intrinsic is our latest contribution to those wanting all the sun, without all the fuss. This multi-purpose tube can work four ways, saving up room in your make-up bag or purse and giving you more time in your day to do what you love:


As a Lipstick

A sheer, subtle balm will keep your lips looking full and hydrated. Its shimmer is slightly iridescent, meaning that it will give pops of pink or gold in different light throughout the day. Its perfect for all skin tones and can be used as a high-shine moisturizer, for those who love the effect of lip gloss but want the texture and feel of a lipstick.








 intrinsic axiology


As a Mixer

Try a new shade on the fly by layering Intrinsic above or below any lip color. You can make matte shades more glossy with a bit of sparkle and you can also tone down darker shades for just the right amount of color. Try experimenting with punchy shades like Desire and Theory and if you find the perfect mix, shave off a little of each into a tin, mix, and keep for later days.

As a Base

Dewy lids is a trend that many make-up artists achieve with thick, glossy mixtures for editorial shoots. If you want to make the same look more suitable for everyday, swipe a small amount of Intrinsic on your lid and pat on a lighter eyeshadow, like a gold, silver, or cream. The sheer base will transform these colors into brighter, more metallic shades. Just remember to stay away from dark shadows, as they will likely crease. If you want a bolder look, shave off a small amount of Intrinsic onto a mixing plate, alongside whatever color you wish, mix thoroughly and apply with your fingertips.

As a Highlighter

Whether you’re going on a hike or to brunch, this balmy highlight will give you radiance without going over-the-top. The amount of shimmer will make your skin look healthy and youthful all day without interfering with your foundation, too. Swipe on your cheek bones and pat lightly to blend. Mix Intrinsic with a bit of metallic shadow to highlight your brow bone, as well.

Get this look
: Kenzie is wearing Intrinsic on her lids-mixed with loose gold and peach mineral shadow, applied with the fingertips - on her cheekbones as a highlight, and on her lips as a shimmery balm.




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Tashina Combs
Tashina Combs

June 03, 2016

I was already debating this shade but after seeing this… You convinced me! I need it!

Emilly Brooke Rubin
Emilly Brooke Rubin

June 02, 2016

My order arrived today and I have to say OUT LOUD, you make the best lipstick I have EVER or will EVER use again. Your colors are sublime, your ingredients are amazing and the end result is just so happy, happy happy.

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