Announcing: New-and-Improved Lipstick Formula!

Axiology new more sustainable lipstick formula

Same look, same feel, more sustainable than ever.

Some say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but we prefer Maya Angelou’s wisdom: When you know better, do better.

Which is why we’re introducing a new-and-improved lipstick formula. In reality, we’re only swapping out two ingredients, which probably seems minor, but it’s a huge deal for us. This line is our baby, our precious, and we are serious about our commitment to being as sustainable as can be, and about being transparent with our customers.

So, let’s talk about the changes.


Swapping Sunflower Seed Wax for Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax has been a mainstay for us more or less since the beginning, and though we love that it’s a shrub native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, we can no longer use it in good conscience. The Candelilla shrub is an endangered species, and protecting Mother Nature comes before beauty.

The good news is, there’s another super effective, way more sustainable option that we’re already using in our beloved Balmies: Sunflower seed wax. As a crop, sunflowers are low-water and low-pest, meaning they’re drought-resistant and don’t need a lot of chemical treatment to keep them thriving. Both are huge wins in the sustainability department.

As far as beauty goes, sunflower seed wax has something of a creamy, glossy texture, and is an excellent thickener and hardener, making it a great ingredient for creating that pliable firmness required for a great lipstick.

Sounds like a win to us!


Swapping Soy Butter for Kokum Butter

While we love kokum butter, it has no longer become a sustainable option...for our growing business! Thanks to all you lovelies, we’ve been busier than ever in our lab, making more and bigger batches. 

As we’ve scaled our lipstick formulas into larger batches to meet demand, we’ve discovered that kokum butter can be quite temperamental at scale. We’re talking grainy, bumpy lipsticks, which absolutely no one wants. When batches don’t turn out right because the kokum butter goes funny, it all goes to waste, which we can’t stand by. 

So, we’ve made the tough decision to turn to a different butter that is 1) abundantly available, 2) stable at scale, and 3) mega moisturizing: Soy Butter.

Though it seems simple enough, this too has been a long decision in the making. First, we tried avocado butter, which we had to ditch because we couldn’t find a supplier who didn’t mix it with palm oil (nope!). Then we tried Shea butter, which is lovely, but also gave us problems at scale. 

And here we are! Our OG lipsticks are now more sustainable than ever from a waste standpoint thanks to soy butter. 


Axiology freshly poured lipstick in the new and improved formula

Lab wizard Chloe is already hard at work similarly revamping the formula for our moisturizing matte Crayons, so keep an eye out for that new formula to launch in the next few months.

It’s our mission to make our products as holistically sustainable as possible, and that means reducing waste and mistakes in the manufacturing process as well. We’re excited about these proactive changes in our formula, and while we hope you appreciate them, we feel confident that you won’t notice them at all.

As we said, same look, same feel, more sustainable than ever.

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