Summer Colors Modeled

What Axiology's three new summer colors look like on

Hey lovelies! Please meet our glowing model, Kat. We enlisted her to show you our three new summer colors, Instinct, Vibration, and Enlighten up close. Without further ado, here is a photo blog of the three new colors everyone is raving about this summer. 


Stripped of all pretensions, Instinct is an understated nude with a sandcastle glitter. Flaxen like a metallic meadow, Instinct’s shy sparkle stays mysterious and gifts your lips with lasting moisture. This versatile hue works well day or night, no matter where your fanciful spirit takes you. 


Axiology Instinct


Axiology Instinct 2


Axiology Instinct 3


Axiology Instinct 4



Daydream up a storm in Enlighten’s mesmerizing gloss. Enlighten rolls on the lips as an amethyst glaze, lifted by a silver-glitter finish. Like a rain-soaked field of wild lilacs, this color keeps your pout perfectly drenched in nourishing moisture.


Axiology Enlighten


Axiology Enlighten 2


Axiology Enlighten 3



A scarlet wash with a glint of pink, Vibration is a sunset glow on a desert rose. The matte-cream base loads your pout with moisture, keeping it punch-drunk in color. Vibration is best worn while road-tripping into the horizon, or blazing top-down through lit cityscapes.


Axiology Vibration 1


Axiology Vibration 2


Axiology Vibration 3