Color Mixing

Search the web for eye makeup tutorials and a gulf of content will open up. Why? Because we recognize that eyeshadow is a great medium—you can mix and blend your way to countless variations and looks. For some reason, we don’t hold the same reverence for lip products. You might argue that the reason is convenience, or lack thereof. But if you’re using a brush to apply your eyeshadow in the morning, then you’re ready to up your lip game.

Today, we’ll teach you three methods for mixing your favorite Axiology shades to make an iconic custom color to match your outfit or your vibe:

Method 1: Base Coat

Transform your go-to bright shade—like Noble or Elusive, pictured here—by first applying a base coat of Existential, a matte black. Focus on applying color in the center of the lip and blend outward, with a brush or by pursing your lips. Try not to add too much color at the lip line. Then, simply apply the brighter shade directly on top. Gently wipe the tube on a cotton pad or paper towel to clean. Then, if need be, blend with a lip brush. The end result should be a deeper, moodier version of your favorite lippie.


Pictured: Elusive alone, Existential alone, Elusive layered on top of Existential.


Method 2: Base & Top Coat

If you want to change the tone of your lipstick, then Enlighten is your friend. A base coat of this will turn Bad, a burnt chestnut, into more of a mauve. Add a top coat and you’ll pick up more of Enlighten’s silver-glitter finish. This method is perfect for a night out, giving new life to the matte shades in your collection.



Pictured: Enlighten alone, Enlighten with Bad on top, Enlighten + Bad with a top coat of Enlighten.


Method 3: Mix it Up

Save those small containers! Every time you finish a lip balm tin or travel Bonne Maman jam, keep it on hand. Pick two colors and shave off portions of the tube into the container. You can use a sharp knife or a makeup spatula to do so, preserving the pointed shape of your lipstick. A steel double-ended spatula may sound excessive but I use mine every day to apply my foundation, mix lipsticks, or depot eyeshadows–it’s a game changer. For this particular look, we mixed three-parts Instinct, a nude with sandcastle glitter, with one-part Attitude, a hot pink.



Pictured: Instinct alone, Attitude alone, Attitude and Instinct mixed together.


We applied color to the center of the lip with the dull end of the spatula and lined the lips with a sharp, vegan lip brush. The end result is a brown-toned fuchsia that looks great on our model.


The possibilities are endless! Make a brand new shade for your birthday. Deepen your go-to nude now that you’re a brunette. Soften the impact of a vibrant red for the office. When you do, use the hashtag #MyAxiology and show off–we’d love to see it!


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