Lip Crayon Debut

In our eyes, full lips are always en vogue, regardless of what is currently trending. Pencil liners are a great way to get there but if you want your pout to look supple and moisturized all day long, you might want to go another way. With that in mind, we are so excited to announce our lip crayons that come in six new shades. If you’ve ever hoped for the precision of a pencil with the creamy coverage of our lipstick, then today is your lucky day!


We figured you might be a little overwhelmed by the new options so here is a look book, starring the stunning Aurore, to help you pick a favorite:



Lip Crayon Serene modeled 

Lip Crayon Serene Modeled 2


This is the perfect pink for any skintone. A mix of burnished rosewood and brown sugar makes this warm, soft shade the ultimate wingman for the office, a museum date, or even cocktails.




Lip Crayon Bliss modeled

Bliss modeled Aixology


If you’ve always wanted to rock a coral but were worried that you couldn’t pull it off, Bliss is the lip crayon for you. This dainty salmon shade is subtle but stunning, with gold undertones that will warm up any lackluster complexion.



Intrigue modeled Axiology

Lip Crayon Intrigue Modeled Axiology


This deep, muted rose carries one of our favorite 90’s lip trends into the 2000’s. The key? A lush, bright base of toasted cinnamon—a color addition that makes this richer lip color less intimidating for all.



Keen Modeled Axiology

Keen modeled Axiology


This color is dedicated to all of the quirky, brilliant visionaries that we love. This shade takes a unique base color of caramelized grapefruit and highlights it with a pop of translucent watermelon. Don’t be daunted by the hue; our lip crayon’s chiseled point will not let you down. Application is sure to be a breeze!



Valor modeled Axiology

Valor modeled Axiology


This color is Keen’s mysterious cousin. A berry shade with a velvety splash of marsala, pick it up when the day calls for a pop of color with a little complexity. You’ll never have to fuss with chapped lips with our ultra-moisturizing formula. Just swipe and go about your day, boss lady!



Enchant modeled Axiology

Enchant modeled Axiology


This boysenberry stain is a head turner! The cool mauve base is super flattering but its the silver sheen that makes this shade so special. If you’re a highlighter fiend like us, you’re going to want to get your hands (and lips) on a tube of Enchant.


So, we’re dying to know—which shade are you most excited about?

In case you missed it, check our other look book, with some summer shades, here.


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