Lookbook: 90's Fall Color Story

It’s not really a mystery why my teenage niece is currently paying homage to the 90’s - a decade she completely missed by a couple of years. Fall is the time for moody, autumnal shades to reincorporate themselves in our wardrobes and nothing is more 90’s then a brown or a rust. For those scratching their head at the trend, I say this: Great fashion is cyclical because it works.

Brown, rust, even black, are all universal shades. Everyone can rock them with zero effort and that’s why we’ll probably harken this time period in small ways for decades to come. Today, we’re bringing you a color story that brings this classic slay into the status quo:


Axiology BAD

 Color: Bad

This burnt chestnut is one of the deeper shades that we offer. It has a warm copper tinge, which means that it won’t ‘wash out’ your complexion. Channel this iconic Jennifer Lopez look with just a little taupe eyeshadow and a touch of bronzer.



Axiology Elusive

 Color: Elusive

The perfect red for fall. This rust leaning shade is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a night on the town or a day in the office. The rich, creamy formula is hydrating and also forgiving - our model can put it on with her eyes closed.



Axiology Dimension

 Color: Dimension

 This burnished brown sheer balm is ideal for those who are a little apprehensive to try a brown lip. The finish is light but dynamic and like the other colors in this feature, demanding of very little make-up. If you’re looking for a shade reminiscent of those worn by 90’s figures like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, and Naomi Campbell - look no further.



Axiology Infinite

 Color: Infinite

If you’re a lover of pink lipstick, unable to fully commit to autumnal shades, check out this rich mulberry stain. It has a dark violet base with a subtle layer of black, so it’s not your average berry lipstick. Warm the apples of your cheeks with a brown toned blush for a little (seasonal) allure.



Axiology Theory

 Color: Theory

This light brown lipstick has a rosy undertone, making it the best transitional lipstick for your busy life. It has a no-fuss matte finish and can be easily dressed up or down with various eye looks. Pair it with an olive smokey eye for the perfect fall look.



Axiology Existential

Color: Existential

Repeat: black is an incredibly universal shade. We swear, it looks beautiful on everyone and does not take years of make-up artistry to execute. If you are pale and worried about this shade making you look ghostly, fear not: simply dash on a bit more bronzer in a satin shimmer finish. Pair this lip with a gold eye look and watch heads turn.

Ready to embrace the season? Tell us your favorite below.

Axiology lipstick modeled by Kasi Martin of The Peahen.

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