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A clay-orange base with a strawberry jam finish.

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Soft, muted rose with a hint of plum.
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Watermelon lollipop with a sweet dewy finish.
The perfect berry fuschia rouge.
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Wonderful product

So, first of all, let me say that this color is gorgeous! In certain lights, it looks like my natural lip color but a tad darker; in others, especially bright sunlight, it looks brighter. It doesn't, however, look too "costumey" or clownish, which is the biggest thing I worry about when buying lipstick. I don't find it drying, either, although, as I don't wear lipstick more than a few times a week, I might have a different experience if I wore it daily. It does smudge and come off fairly easily. I don't find that I need to touch it up too often, but I certainly do after eating. All in all, I find this more a feature than a bug, as I really dislike the rigmarole of removing more stubborn lipstick, but your mileage may vary. Basically I intend to keep buying this lipstick in this color, and I may actually finish this tube before it goes bad. Possibly most importantly, it makes me feel pretty. The one complaint I have is not about the product, but its packaging. I first became interested in this brand because of their "low-waste packaging," with little superfluous plastic and recyclable materials. I seem to remember hearing that you could simply recycle the entire lipstick tube, as it was already made out of recycled aluminum. I'm not an expert on makeup packaging, and I haven't finished my tube yet, but there definitely appears to be some sort of plastic inside the lid (cover?) of the tube. This isn't necessarily an issue, but it brings the recyclability of the whole tube into question. I may need to take it apart or something to dispose of it properly. From reading old reviews, it looks as though maybe they've recently changed the tube they use? All in all, though, as far as sustainable packaging goes, this company seems better than most. I got my shipment in a decently-sized box, full of shredded paper; all the keep-it-safe-while-shipping padding was thus compostable or recyclable. I ordered samples before ordering the full-size tube, and these came in a recyclable paper mailer. Both packages came earlier than expected! Let me also say that their customer service was wonderful! I asked about sourcing for some of their ingredients, and promptly got a thorough reply. tl;dr: Great product; would recommend; customer service was great; packaging is slightly less sustainable than I would have liked, but what isn't? If you don't want to go to the trouble of making lipstick by hand, this is probably as low-waste/sustainable/etc. as you're going to get.

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Love the texture & ingredients, will buy more!!!

It truly is a luxurious feel going on and doesn’t dry out my lips like virtually ALL other lipsticks do! Plus the fact that there was no animal testing and no carcinogenic colorants makes me feel so much more at ease! I can’t wait to try more of your products!!! Thank you!

Jean M.
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Favorite Lipstick

This lipstick has become my favorite because it glides on easily, is long-lasting & is moisturizing. My lips feel softer, & more supple—even after I remove the lipstick at night. I purchased this lipstick in Joy. It’s a rosy-mauve shade. Highly recommend!

I recommend this product
Joy is my new spring color �

Joy is a soft, vibrant, sexy pink. Gotta love a lipstick with the name Joy!