why is makeup tested on animals?

Before we begin to explore some of the reasons why women should prefer vegan and cruelty free cosmetics when shopping for beauty products, let us just say ahead of time that this is a tough subject matter to explore. Many people are greatly misinformed about animal testing, suspecting that it consists of nothing more than a chimpanzee getting its nails painted or a few mice taking a bath with some newly formulated shampoo. The truth is, animal testing is a pretty disheartening subject matter to discuss, but regardless of its emotional toll, it remains our mission at Axiology to help inform and empower consumers. We believe it’s important for all women to understand what goes on behind the scenes in the cosmetics industry, and why we’re forever committed to serve the world with vegan and cruelty free makeup.


Okay, now let’s get into this a little bit! Even though cosmetic companies can test their products on any number of animals, for the purposes of our discussion we will choose a very common test subject: bunnies.


Why are cosmetics tested on animals?  

1. Laboratory Chemicals.

It is still legal and widely practiced for cosmetic companies to test their formulations on innocent bunnies. The reason bunnies fall victim to this suffrage is because the harsh chemicals, synthetics, and toxins commonly used in beauty formulations must be tested in order to be deemed safe for human application. This isn’t so much a government oversight as it is the cosmetic company itself wanting to avoid any potential lawsuits. But regardless of the motive behind animal testing, during this practice bunnies are subjected to enormous amounts suffering and cruelty.


The truth is, laboratories aren’t just adding a little lipstick to the bunnies’ lips or giving their eyelashes some volume. These bunnies are not getting their nails painted or their fur conditioned. They live isolated and bleak lives consisting of nothing more than being subjected to incessant chemical injections and suffering antagonizing pain. Sadly, the extent of their lives consists of their eyes and stomachs being pumped regularly with synthetics and toxins so the cosmetic companies can gauge the level of suffering and side-effects and ascertain how these chemicals might then react to human application. It’s quite disheartening to think that these innocent and beautiful creatures live and die in laboratory cages with unceasing discomfort and continual torture.


Why are cosmetics tested on animals?

2. New Products.

One of the only reasons animal testing occurs at all is because cosmetic companies want to continuously synthesize new products with newly designed chemicals. And since these chemicals are artificially designed in laboratories, their effect on human beings (or any organic specimen for that matter) is largely unknown, and therefore must be tested. But a key thing to keep in mind is that one of the main reasons animal testing has to occur at all is because these chemicals are not organic. They are essentially brand new chemical formulations with absolutely no telling how they might affect human beings in the short and longterm.


Why are cosmetics tested on animals?

3. NOT Natural.

The truth is, if companies were to commit to natural ingredients and earth based formulations, animal testing would not be required or necessary. This is because we already know that nature provides us with natural ingredients that can be safely applied to the skin.


At Axiology, we are committed to offering all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. We do not believe in enduring any animal through suffrage. It is our goal to take a stand for animal welfare and raise awareness for vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. We cherish the beauty and innocence of the animal kingdom and would never want to inflict any harm on it, especially when this practice stems from synthetic chemicals that could compromise our very health to begin with. This has been our mission at Axiology from day one and we are 100% committed to this.


When you support vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, you are taking a stand against animal cruelty and animal suffrage. We are proud to offer women a cruelty free makeup line that allows women to easily make these conscious purchasing decisions. By supporting vegan makeup brands like Axiology, women are able to look good, feel good and “vote” for animal liberation at the same time.


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