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For Axiology, kindness in action means that our products match the integrity and intentions behind our company’s mission + philosophy. That’s why our lipstick boxes are sourced from Bali, where our founder discovered a woman-owned recycled-paper boutique.

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After personally witnessing all stages of production, Ericka wanted to support this amazing business that gives local women opportunities and a healthy work environment.

The paper used in our boxes is collected from all over the island—from hotels, offices, and households—and is taken to a small factory. It’s then boiled down to a pulp, dried in the sun, and finally folded and decorated by hand.

The gift inherent in these boxes is that their production helps trash reduction on the island, a growing concern as its population and popularity continue to rise. To learn more visit us here.

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Axiology is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA’s) “Beauty Without Bunnies” program. PETA has certified Axiology Beauty as a completely vegan and cruelty-free company. No animal testing was conducted in any phase of our production or formulation; we do not sell Axiology products in countries where animal testing is a mandatory requisite to sell cosmetics; and we use no animal ingredients in our products. We are happy to proclaim our lipsticks are ethically vegan!

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Orangutan Foundation

Many products today needlessly contain palm oil—the production of which continues to destroy the rainforest and it’s endangered inhabits, including orangutans. Axiology’s products are proudly palm-oil free, and our company is a financial supporter of the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI). The OFI undertakes the lives of Orangutans as their primary responsibility, and are dedicated to rainforest and orangutan conservation.

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