Exfoliate Your Lips With These All-Natural DIY Lip Scrubs

An exfoliated lip allows for better absorption of hydrating products; plus, it leaves you with a much smoother canvas when applying lipstick - meaning your favorite tube will go on smoother and last longer!

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5 Reasons Why Natural Beauty Products Are Worth the Cost

Everybody loves a good bargain; but, in the realm of beauty - they often come at cost. So how do you decide if you should spend your hard earned cash on that organic tea tree oil toner versus it’s cheaper drugstore counterpart? ... Read More

These Small Beauty Tweaks Can Help Save the Environment

The beauty industry is a major contributor to worldwide pollution. Read More

Animals help us give humanity a much needed pep talk in our new year campaign

At Axiology, we like to focus on doing our part to make the world a little better; Read More

Royalty, Prostitutes, Witches & Movie Stars: The History of Red Lipstick

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Axiology's Story

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How to Find Your Signature Lip Color

We spend years looking for that Holy Grail of lip colors. Read More

Lip Crayon Debut

In our eyes, full lips are always en vogue Read More

Axiology Boxes

When I say Bali, what do you think of first? Maybe beaches. Trash? Read More

Color Mixing

Search the web for eye makeup tutorials and a gulf of content Read More

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