The Five Products Every Beauty Minimalist Needs 

Fast, simple, vegan, and low waste—here are 5 must-try minimalist beauty essentials.
Tinted Dew Multi-Stick in Humble on a makeup counter

I probably spend about $400 on beauty products a year. This includes stuff like shampoo and moisturizers. Some would call me a beauty minimalist. I call myself a very lazy person who hates clutter. Tomato tomaato.

As a “beauty minimalist,” I have come to rely on a few great products that do lots of things (e.g. Balmies) and was curious as to which multi-tasking products my friends and co-workers live by, so I asked around. Below are the top five minimalist beauty go-tos.

These faves cut down on clutter, time, fussing, and—best of all—waste.


1. All skincare needs in one: Dew Mighty’s Bloom

It may look like a bar of soap, but Dew Mighty’s Bloom is actually a jelly serum and all your other skincare needs rolled into one. Powered by jojoba, olive squalane and blue chamomile, the Bloom bar hydrates & moisturizes skin, evens & brightens skin tone, and helps promote collagen production. And it’s vegan and zero waste! 


2. The sun-shielding primer: Super Goop Unseen Sunscreen

If you’ve never tried it, prepare to be blown away by the texture and finish of this SPF 40 sunscreen and primer in one. You’ll love the truly velvety finish so much it will guarantee you never forget this step in your routine. If you’re looking for a bit of coverage, the SPF 50 CC Cream may be the perfect fit (available in 15 shades.) Both products are reef-safe, vegan and cruelty-free. 


3. The wear-anywhere crayon: Axiology Balmies

Okay, obviously I’m biased here since I work at Axiology, but I don’t even love wearing makeup so the fact that I wear Balmies every day should say something. These zero waste 3-in-1 crayons really deliver on all points. They’re light and easily blendable (especially over a good moisturizer or natural oil), they’re packed with moisturizing oils & nourishing antioxidants such as hemp and plum oil, and they’re made with only 9 ingredients (which is probably why I don’t break out in hives like I usual do). Aaaand they’re essentially package free! If you’re curious about which color best matches your skin & undertone use this guide.

Skin Tone Cheat Sheet

Best Shades for Light Cool: Sorbet, Raspberry

Best Shades for Light Warm: Rosé, Clementine

Best shades for Medium Cool: Champagne, Watermelon

Best Shades for Medium Warm: Caramel, Peach

Best Shades for Dark Cool: Nude Plum, Strawberry

Best Shades for Dark Warm: Cherry, Chestnut 


4. The brow pencilAlima Pure Natural Definition Brow Pencil

Creamy and blendable, great for filling or defining, Alima Pure's Natural Definition Brow Pencil comes in sparse pencil form (which we mean as a compliment) and three easy colors. It's so easy to use. Sometimes simple really is best. 


5. The “Shampoo Shower Shave” Bar: 100 Senses Ultimate Body Bar

This head-to-toe dermatological bar (read: NOT soap!!) was developed to create the perfect pH balance. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin & color-treated hair and is available in three scents (or fragrance free.) Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten & palm oil — it’s both vegan and cruelty free. While it may sound too good to be true, with over 1700 five-star reviews and a 14-day money back guarantee, it’s sort of a must try, don’t ya think?  

And there you have it. Five products that will save you time, space, and money, while also cutting back on waste. Here’s to buying fewer, better things.

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