8 Stress Free Ways to Reduce Waste

Trying to reduce waste can feel totally overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some super simple swaps!
Multi Use Zero Waste Balmies Crayons

The idea of living a zero waste lifestyle can be totally overwhelming. Is creating zero waste even possible? Where do you begin? Will you need to live off grid, stop showering and start raising backyard chickens that eat all your scraps? 

At Axiology, we’re fans of keeping things simple and inspiring people to reduce waste (in beauty and beyond) in whatever way they can, instead of aiming for perfection. 

September 2nd kicks off Zero Waste Week, a global campaign aimed at getting more people to reduce waste. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of low effort, high impact ways to reduce waste in your life. Start small. Start where you can. Every little bit helps. 

Reduce waste in your beauty routine  

  1. Zero Waste Deodorant - Gone are the days when the only way to get something natural and sustainable was to scour odd, little Etsy shops. Today, there are more companies offering sustainable packaging and good-for-you products. Papr is one of these companies currently offering zero waste deodorant in biodegradable packaging. Meow Meow Tweet is another stellar option for buying sustainable beauty goodies. Their Pits Sticks are truly wonderful. 
  1. Zero Waste Multi Use Crayons - Multi-use makeup is a great way to reduce consumption and waste. You can also take it a step further and go for plastic free or zero waste packaging. For example, Axiology Balmies are wrapped in recycled paper instead of the typical plastic tube. Balmies are vegan, cruelty-free, made with fewer than 10 simple ingredients, and can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks. 

Reduce waste in the kitchen  

  1. Throw out less food - Our kitchens are one of the largest sources of waste with the average American family throwing out $1,500 worth of food waste a year. FreshPaper are recyclable (and compostable) sheets that go in your produce drawer and keep your veggies and fruit fresher, longer. Developed and patented by Kavita Shukla, these powerful little pieces of paper are infused with a proprietary blend of botanicals and come with a 100 day guarantee…well worth the money. Reduce food waste even further by saving your veggie scraps in the freezer to make your own broth and freezing any leftover fruit for tomorrow’s smoothie.
  1. Kitchen Reusables - One of the easiest eco swaps you can make is ditching your single use paper towels for reusable ones. The options are truly endless; from adorable prints to plant dyed solids, or you can stick to the look you’re used to with compostable singles

Reduce waste in your closet 

  1. Multi Purpose Pieces - While commendable, pledging to go a year without buying new clothes is pretty difficult for many and also not that fun. Enter...Vetta Capsule, a clothing brand that makes multi purpose pieces so you can minimize your consumption without reducing your style options. You can buy individual pieces or a five piece mini-capsule that creates a month’s worth of outfits thanks to the transformative designs. Every piece is crafted with the earth in mind - “from sustainable fabrics to responsible factories." 
  1. Recycled Fashion - If we’ve learned anything in the last decade, it’s that the perfect legging is worth the cost. So why not spend your money on ones that protect the environment too? Girlfriend Collective features activewear in the perfect colors, fits and styles. Not only are they made from recycled materials like water bottles and fishing nets, they also adhere to strict human rights guidelines in all their factories. 

Reduce waste in your home  

  1. Plastic Free Dishwasher Soap - Here’s another brand that ditched the plastic. Blueland’s dishwasher tabs come in paper packaging and are certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This ever-expanding home product brand has diverted almost 2 billion (yes, billion with a B) single use plastic bottles from oceans and landfills since 2019. 

  2. Get Basics at a Refill Shop - Refill shops are popping up everywhere these days. These are stores that allow you to come in and refill your basics like hand soap, shampoo, laundry detergent etc. Refill shops are great because they cut out shipping & packaging waste! Check your city for shops like these found in Portland, Los Angeles and Queens!

Remember, cutting waste isn’t about being perfect, it’s about finding ways to honor your life and our planet at the same time.

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