Animals help us give humanity a much needed pep talk in our new year campaign

Kind to all kind campaign at The Barnyard Sanctuary

At Axiology, we like to focus on doing our part to make the world a little better; even if it means healing just a very tiny sliver of the big-world pie. That’s why we’re all about making beauty products that are kind to you and the planet, and why we chose to kick off this year with a campaign that’s all about spreading that kindness.

On January 8th, we launched our #KindToAllKind campaign via our Instagram. A fun project that hopes to give humanity a much needed pep talk (cause you know…#2017).

Kind to All Kind Axiology

We wanted to make sure animals could join the cause since they’re the reason we started making all-natural lipsticks. So, to help our furry friends speak up, we warmed them up with some fun winter outfits.

Kind to All Kind Axiology

In the process, we got to work with the Barnyard Sanctuary, a magical farm run by Tamala Lester and we got to meet…

Boris. The friendliest pig on the planet!

Kind to All Kind Axiology, Boris the Pig

Red. A super spunky and lovable mini-donkey.

Kind to All Kind Axiology, Red the mini donkey

And Duke. A beautifully kind and wise Belgian Draft.

Kind to All Kind Axiology, Duke the Belgian Draft


The Barnyard Sanctuary crew works tirelessly to save as many animals as possible from abandonment and neglect, offering them a permanent home when their owners can no longer care for them. It was such a gift to learn from everyone at the sanctuary.  

Thank you Tamala and Barnyard Sanctuary volunteers for all your kindness and hard work.


The world is a better place because of you!


If you’d like to donate to our friends at the Barnyard Sanctuary click here.