Axiology wins Beauty Independent's 2020 Beacon Award for Sustainability

Axiology wins Beauty Independent 2020 Beacon Award for Sustainability

You guys! We won Beauty Independent’s 2020 Beacon Award for Sustainability Champion!


2020 Beacon Awards Winner, Balmies in Cotton Candy Sky, Champagne Sorbet, Rose

The sustainability champion category was dedicated to honoring a brand that, in their words, is “making people's lives better through beauty and wellness and is leaving the world in a better place as well. Wasteful processes and packaging will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative efforts of our 2020 nominees.” We were nominated along with amazing brands like Aether Beauty, Loli Beauty, Cleo + Coco, and Alpyn Beauty. 

The winners were announced on their LIVE virtual event where 500 people were in attendance including beauty journalists, beauty retailers, and beauty influencers. 

I didn’t know we were going to win, though I hoped for it! Everyone was muted on the call and just before they announced the winner I noticed that the host unmuted me. That’s when I knew our name was about to be announced as the winner! I also knew I was going to have to give an impromptu acceptance speech so my heart started racing and my hands shaking and well. You can watch my full speech here.


Ericka Rodriguez accepts 2020 Beacon Award in Sustainability Champion for Axiology

This was super exciting for us, as we have worked really hard at creating our zero waste Balmies

Here’s a bit about why we won:

Balmies are 100% Zero Waste

First of its kind, Balmies are wrapped in recyclable paper. Just rip the paper as you go (think Crayola crayons). 

Eyes, Lips + Cheeks

Multi Use products are a great way to cut down on waste. The fact that you can use Balmies as lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush means you need fewer products, which means less packaging in our world. 

Recycled Boxes 

Our boxes are handmade using recycled trash from around the island of Bali. Learn more about our box story here.