A Clean Beauty Guru’s Go-To’s [Interview]

Clean beauty guru at Credo Beauty San Francisco

Meet McKenzie, she’s the makeup guru and store manager at Credo’s SF location and she recently Facetimed with us in order to share the scoop on clean beauty. Thank you, McKenzie, for hanging out in a tiny closet in order to chat in a quiet space!

If you need some good makeup tips or tricks stop by the store. Her expertise is kinda mind-blowing and we’re forever grateful for her knowledge and bubbly personality. 

What’s your name?

McKenzie Hunt

Why did you start working at Credo?

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer so my family started eating healthier and we began researching our beauty and skincare products. At the time I worked for a conventional beauty brand that was healthy but not necessarily clean. This path, be it serendipitous, led me into clean beauty.  I love that Credo has a clean swap service for clients which makes the transition from conventional to clean beauty a breeze. I am a true example of someone who’s made the switch to clean beauty and let me tell you, you won’t look back!

What do you do at Credo?

I’m both a store manager and a makeup artist

What are you wearing right now?

Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

Ilia True Serum Foundation

Lily Lolo Bronzer

Maya Chia The Highlight of the Day

Crop Eyeshadow

RMS Luminizer

Axiology in Loyalty for lips and cheeks

What product do you have an unhealthy obsession with?

Maya Chia Highlight of the Day because it is super easy to blend into foundation and other products. I also put it on my collarbones and shoulders if they are showing.

Axiology Balmies or Multi-Stick?

Multi-Stick, because it’s incredibly comfy and I don’t like to pay attention to my lips when I’m wearing lipstick. Axiology is just effortless to wear.

Favorite Axiology lip color and why?

Ethos. It’s so unique and makes my eyes pop and look extremely bright.

First word that came to mind when you first tried Axiology?

Finally!!! There’s finally a vegan lipstick for customers and there’s finally a lipstick with super simplified ingredients. On top of that, fun lip shades!

Is there a new beauty/makeup trend you’re totally feeling right now?

Dewy products

Favorite beauty hack?

Cutting up fake eyelashes. I’ll take a lash strip and trim it with brow scissors so my eyelashes look fluffier and more natural.

Who are you obsessed with on insta right now?

Not huge into social media or IG but I do follow and love Healthy Maven.

What are you excited to see happen next in clean beauty?

Shade ranges in foundations and concealers. Also bright, colorful eyeliners in both liquid and pencil.

What’s the coolest thing about working at Credo?

The people! I work with the coolest men and women.

All of HQ is women-run which I love too. I also just love the feeling that I’m part of something that’s really big.

Advice for clean beauty newbies?

Just play! And if you live near a store come in and talk to us and ask us questions. We’re happy to help.

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