Dewy Skin + Poolside Shades with Janna [Interview]

Best clean beauty picks, dewy skin, and poolside shades via our interview with Credo's BK NY store manager Janna
We sat down for a lovely and super enlightening chat with Credo's Janna from Williamsburg BK in NY. Swing by if you're in town and find yourself in need of a good makeup crash course!

What do you do at Credo?

I’m the store manager and go-to lip color expert. I’ve always got some fun lip color on!

People rave about your makeup skills. What do you think makes you so good at your job?

I think I’m good at relating to people. A makeup artist is half psychologist because it’s such an intimate job. What makes a real difference is if you can relate to the person and connect with them. 

Also, I spent a lot of time learning and honing my skills while working for a bridal company that focused on Indian weddings. The artistry in Indian bridal makeup is next-level. 

Lipstick or crayon? 

Both! At once. I like to combine colors. I’m a mixologist. 

Okay. What Axiology colors do you like to mix?

Bliss Crayon and Loyalty Lipstick! I like to “ombre my lips”.

Wait? What? Ombre Your Lips?


  1. First apply Nighttime Nude RMS liner for depth.
  2. Then apply Axiology Bliss Crayon on full lips
  3. Then apply Axiology Loyalty Lipstick, starting on the inside moving outward. 
  4. Last step is to apply a lip liner that’s a tad darker and voila, you’ve got a bit of that ombre vibe on your lips!

Favorite Axiology color for a good rooftop summer party? 

Bonafide Rich Cream Lipstick for a poolside daytime rooftop party. 

Enamor Rich Cream Lipstick for night time rooftop party.

First word that came to mind when you first tried Axiology?


What product do you have an unhealthy obsession with RN?

Leprunier Plum Oil - It’s a facial oil with a really high antioxidant count. Keeps skin looking fresh and dewy. And it’s great for all skin types.

Favorite beauty hack?

Apply translucent powder on eyelids before applying eyeliner for longer-lasting wear. 

What are you wearing right now?


Toner: Restorative Tonic Mist from January Labs 

Facial Oil: Leprunier plum oil. Hydrates the skin and creates a nice surface for makeup.


Brows: Ecobrow Defining Wax

Foundation: Vapour Soft Focus in 125

Concealer: Kjaer Weis / Tone: Illusion

Bronzer: Well People Bio Bronzer Stick and Bio Baked Powder 

Highlighter: RMS Magic Luminizer

Eyeshadow - PYT No BS Eyeshadow Palette 

Eyeliner - Well People Liquid Liner

Mascara - Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara

Lips - Axiology Bonafide 

Who are you obsessed with on insta right now?

Lipstick Angels - they provide beauty and routines for people who are going through chemo. They use a lot of the products that we carry. I love to see their stories. And I love that we partner with them.

Advice for clean beauty newbies? 

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work. Just keep playing. There’s something clean out there for everyone.


And what did you want to be when you were little? 

I wanted to study UFOs. Weird. I know.