How a Clean Beauty Expert Deals with Pimples...and other insider info! [Interview]

How a clean beauty expert deals with pimples

Meet Allie. She's a clean beauty expert and the store manager at Credo's Prince street location in Soho. On a recent cool, spring morning we dropped in for a chat with her about important life stuff such as what product she uses to get those crazy LONG lashes and what Axi shade she uses to create the perfect monochromatic makeup look.

When she wasn't busy helping clients find the perfect foundation shade, Allie was schooling me on how to cover up a pimple the Miley Cyrus way. She's a clean beauty ninja. A really gorgeous clean beauty ninja.

If you find yourself in Soho in need of a non-toxic eyeliner, a clean beauty swap, or the perfect Axiology lipstick shade for your skin tone, do yourself a favor and drop into Credo and ask for Allie. You won’t regret it.

Check out our interview with Allie below!

What do you do at Credo?

According to my coworkers I’m the resident “Ingredient Encyclopedia.” I’m also an Aesthetician and the store manager.

What product do you have an unhealthy obsession with?

Definitely Ilia mascara. It doesn’t smudge or flake and has a dual ended brush so you can add a lot of volume. I also feel like my eyelashes have grown a bit thanks to the biotin.

Lipstick or crayon?

Lipstick! There’s so many ways to use a lipstick. You can dab it on lips to make it more of a lip stain or you can go full lip color. Then use it as blush and eyeshadow.

What Axiology lipstick shade would you use to create a Monochromatic look this spring?

I would use the Nude Plum Balmie to create a monochromatic look! It is the perfect shade of rose for a pop of neutral color.

Go-to Axiology lip color?

The Goodness. It’s like your lip color but better! I love how sheer and natural it looks. I like using it on clients who are afraid of too much color. It’s also flattering on just about every skin tone.

First word that came to mind when you tried Axiology?

COLOR! Axiology has the coolest colors. They’re shades you don’t see in other lines. The other word is vegan. It’s our only vegan lip line!

Is there a new beauty / makeup trend you’re totally feeling right now?

I like that color is becoming more wearable. The other day I wore a Kjaer Weis Mauve lip liner as an eyeliner and clients were asking about it all day long.

Favorite beauty hack?

Covering up a pimple with eyeliner to turn it into a beauty mark. I learned this from Miley Cyrus.

First you dab on some concealer. Then powder to set the concealer so the pimple doesn’t expose itself. Last, you dot the pimple with brown or light black eyeliner and tadaaa, you’ve got a beauty mark! 

Who are you obsessed with on insta right now?

Katie Jane Hughes. She’s a makeup artist with unconventional looks and uses pops of color.

What are you excited to see happen next in clean beauty?

Liquid or gel eyeliners in different colors. Right now we carry two liquid eyeliners and they’re both black. Also, I’d love to see more range of shades in foundation. 

What’s the coolest thing about working at Credo?

So many things. My favorite thing is watching so many clients feel beautiful.

What are you wearing right now?

Kjaer Weis foundation

Ilia mascara

Kjaer Weis blush

Ere Perez brow gel

Axiology lipstick in Bonafide

Aether beauty rose quartz eye shadow. It has actual rose quartz and gems in it.

Advice for clean beauty newbies?

Don’t get overwhelmed. Go one product at a time. As you run out of things replace them with a clean product.

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