Clean beauty products are all the rage and can make really fun holiday gifts. If they’re vegan products...even better. 

Switching to clean lipsticks is fun and easy but can get a little tricky when gifting to someone. So, our advice, stick to neutral shades. They’re universally flattering and most people like to have a couple (or five) handy in their makeup bag. 

If you know the person well, and know what colors they usually wear, then venture into the bolder, richer colors. For example, you can always gift the clean alternative to their favorite red.

Below are our favorite neutral picks AKA “your lips but better.” As well as our favorite holiday reds.


1. The Goodness

The Goodness is a great pick because it is one of the sheerest shades that we have. This means it wears like a tinted lip balm so the color is not overwhelming. It is a soft pale pink with a tiny bit of shimmer that sparkles in the sun. 


2. Enduring

Enduring is a great mix of brown and mauve which combines to create a perfect neutral color. Enduring looks great on people in both work settings and a night out. It’s an extremely versatile shade and adds a subtle amount of color to the lips. 


3. Serene

Serene is a fan favorite because of it’s easy to wear “your lips but better” color. It perfectly matches most people’s lip color so it adds a little exaggeration of color. This color is a safe and solid choice for everyone on your list. 

If you rather give the gift of exploration, then we suggest buying a few of our samples and letting them find their way to their favorite, clean, vegan Axiology shades.


Also, check out the video we made about gifting to others too!