Meet The Team

Meet the Axiology Beauty team, pictured at Indie Beauty Expo London
Hi! Ericka here, founder of Axiology. I wanted to dedicate a little space on the Internet to introduce you to the wonderful ladies of Axiology. These are some of the most incredible people on the planet, and I couldn’t be more honored to work alongside them everyday. 

CHLOE, Lab Lead

Axiology Lab Lead, ChloeI’ll start with Chloe because she has been with me since the beginning. Remember how I told you that I used to make Axiology lipstick in my kitchen? Well, when I first hired Chloe, the job was, in fact, to make lipstick in my kitchen (I’m amazed anyone even applied for this position). Chloe, myself and my fiancé also shared my 2nd bedroom as our first official office!

Like me, she had no experience with making cosmetics, but I could see she was sharp and super passionate about animals and the planet.

Chloe studied art in college and is an incredible woodworker. Because of her training, she is the most meticulous, thorough, and tenacious person I know. Also, her knowledge about cosmetics has exploded over the years. She’s a total pro now, and is Axiology’s lead formulator. Chloe created the formula for Axiology’s new zero waste Balmies (gooo, Chloe!).  

Ericka and Chloe jumping for joy in their first office apartment space
Ericka and Chloe jumping for joy in their first office outside of Ericka's apartment.

OK, Chloe, think fast: 

Lab Lead, Chloe, dressed in Lab Safety Gear 

What’s a great thing that happened to you today?
Getting to enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Last thing you got annoyed about:

Current podcast:
The Cut

Currently watching:
Queer Eye Japan

Artist you want to see in concert:
Lady Gaga

Go-to midweek dinner:
Veggie rice bowl

Last vacation:
Family vacation in Michigan 

An ideal Saturday:
Sleeping in, eating a yummy breakfast, going for a run, and carving some wood!

Biggest fear:
Spiders in the bed

Favorite animal:

Secret talent:
I can give almost anything a great nickname… weird?

Guilty pleasure:
Keeping up with the Kardashians

Axiology shade:
Joy, Raspberry Balmie

Tell me something great about Jessyka:
Jessyka is very calm and level headed. In true big sister fashion, she has taught me how to put things into perspective and keep my emotions in check. 

Tell me something great about Ericka:
Ericka is definitely the “hostess with the mostest!” She makes everyone feel welcome, serves the BEST food, and has great dance moves. The girl can throw a dang good dinner party. 

Favorite part about working at Axiology:
I love working for a company that is striving to do good for the planet! 

JESSYKA, General Manager 

Axiology General Manager Jessyka playing mirror ping pong at IBE London

On Jessyka’s first day of work she said about five words, total, and only if she was spoken to. It’s not that she’s quiet, it’s that she is observational, an internal processor, an amazing listener, and patient. Soon enough, she became family. Chloe says Jessyka is the sister she never had which is probably why she asks her for hugs all the time and why you can often find the two of them sharing the same chair. Pre-Covid of course.

General Manager Jessyka and Lab Lead Chloe sharing a chair, pre-covid

It’s worth mentioning that Jessyka was way overqualified for our “shop help” ad. She had spent years taking care of injured marine animals as a marine biologist and studied biology in school. 

Thankfully she still wanted the job because Jessyka is the kind of brainiac we needed here. She has been schooling us with math, percentages and procedures ever since she started. She continues to tutor us in math, but, most importantly, she managers everrrrything in our lab. 

Here we go, Jessyka. 

A pet peeve:
Spelling and grammatical errors

Something that makes you smile:
My dog

Current podcast:
Crime Junkie and True Crime Garage are my go tos

Currently watching:
Unsolved Mysteries, Great British Bake Off

Outfit of choice:
Chunky boots, funky pants, oversized sweater

Best date night:
Out for dinner and then back home to watch a movie

Food you crave the most:
Chips and chocolate chip cookies

Best part of your day:
Whenever I get to sleep in

Biggest fear:
Large predatory birds

Guilty pleasure:
Binge watching TV all day

Axiology shade:
Ethos and Clarity

What do you want people to know about Axiology? 
We try really hard to create the best possible product — not just the finished product, but in all aspects of the process.

Tell me something great about Chloe:
She is the most hard working. She is a super talented artist. She will go above and beyond to make the people in her life happy.

Tell me something great about Ericka:
She is truly the nicest person who cares about all creatures.

Favorite part of working at Axiology:
Getting to work with awesome people while also being a part of a great company. 

KELLY, Creative Director 

Axiology creative director, Kelly

I met Kelly because our life partners are brothers. I thank my lucky stars that Jake (my fiancé’s brother) is with someone as cool as Kelly. She is not only one of the wisest people I know, she is a brilliant creative director. Kelly spent years making commercials and advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest companies like Google and Target. Fun fact: When she was an intern, she wrote and starred in her own tampon commercial that made fun of tampon commercials — you can watch it here

Anyways, she came to me one day and offered to help us at Axiology. She said that we could change Axiology’s branding to make it even better. So, she got to work helping us redesign our website, our packaging, our language, everything! Today, she helps me with things like new product launches, photo shoots, emails, what wedding dress I should go with, etc. Stuff like that.

Here we go, Kelly. 

What’s a great thing that happened to you today:
My dog snuggled with me this morning.

Current podcast:
The Doctor’s Pharmacy (Heal your gut, people!)

Best book you’ve read in the past year:
Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

What are you thankful for today:
My dog snuggled with me this morning.

Favorite kitchen appliance:

Best date night:
Watching a movie on the couch without falling asleep

Food you crave the most:
Any dessert

Best part of your average day:
When my dog snuggles with me in the morning.

Biggest fear:
Not living out my fullest life. And flying roaches.

Guilty pleasure:
That vegan chocolate banana bread I’ve been making.

Axiology shade:
Grounded 4 life!

An inside secret about Axiology:
We care more about the planet than we do about makeup.

What do you want people to know about Axiology:
It’s run by an amazingly kind-hearted, well-intentioned human. When you shop Axiology (or any woman-owned, eco-conscious brand) you’re voting with your dollars. You are shifting power from the usual players (old white men) to the new players (women who want to heal the planet).

KENNA, Everyone’s Assistant  

Axiology assistant, Kenna, stocking product

Kenna is the newest addition to the Axiology team! Because our team is so small (see above), Kenna went through our wringer answering all our interview questions during multiple interviews. The reason for so many interviews is that we hire based on personality (we believe everything can be taught) and wanted to make sure whoever we hire fits into our close knit family. Well, Kenna was by far the best choice we could have made. 

This girl is energetic, spunky, and huge-hearted! She gives everyone her full attention and alllll her energy! For example, our delivery man is often taken off guard when he walks in and Kenna screams, “Hi!!! Wow! SO good to see you today!!!!" She is the kind of person that makes everyone smile. :)

Everyone, Meet Kenna! 

Something you smiled about today:
My cats always make me smile! I have three of them, and everyday I am amazed at how cute and silly they are.

Last thing you cried about:
Probably a heartwarming or inspiring show or youtube video.

Someone you look up to:
Easily Ericka, Chloe, and Jessyka. Truly genuine, empathetic, smart, funny, beautiful, and hard working ladies. I aspire to be more like them. 

Currently watching:
Any kind of anime or cartoon that is decent. Preferably a little funny too!

Best breakfast:
I am a sucker for a fruit bowl or smoothie in the morning! Throw in a bagel or hashbrowns, plus some sort of caffeine, and I am one happy gal!!

Dream vacation:
Traveling anywhere with my boyfriend. Especially places with hot beaches, forests, and mountains. I love to hike and swim!

An ideal Saturday:
Sleeping in is an obvious one. Next, a coffee and maybe some morning yoga. Follow that off with a walk or hike with my boyfriend. Then some extra time with my cats. Most importantly, I must have time to work on art!!! Thai food to go is nice, too, though:)

Biggest fear:
Corrupt powers/people that intentionally harm other people and the environment with no care or regard. Also, Ghosts. 

Secret talent:
I may be the only one who thinks I am talented at it, but I LOVE to sing! 

Life mantra:
Be nice. Be yourself. Make your own Magic. Nothing is impossible. Do what makes you happy! Love is infinite.

Guilty pleasure:
It's a toss up between chocolate, sour candy, carbs, and online shopping!

Axiology shade:
My favorites are Radiance, Clarity, Identity, Clementine, & Nude Plum

Something people don’t know about Axiology:
Unless you see it all for yourself, I don’t think people can know exactly how much work and care goes into our products! The answer is LOTS, and we are happy to do so! 

Favorite part about working at Axiology:
Working for a company and with people who truly care about animals, people, and the environment.

And ME, Ericka

Axiology Founder, Ericka Rodriguez, in Axiology's production room

Hi! I am the founder of Axiology and if you don’t know my story yet, read it here. Basically, I started Axiology in my kitchen after discovering that animal testing still exists. 

Now, onto this fun stuff: 

What’s a great thing that happened to you today:
My friend, Melissa, who owns a shop in town (plugging her store in
here), brought us homemade vegan cupcakes! 

Current show you’re binging:
Schitts Creek (again)

Best book you’ve read in the past year:
Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harrari

What are you thankful for today:
Cupcakes (see above) and that the sun is shining after a weekend of being too cold 

Favorite kitchen appliance:
It’s a tie between my instant pot (I make fresh beans every week) and my Vitamix

Usual after work routine:
Work out, make dinner, hot tub, and in bed early

Favorite way to do cardio:
I love road and mountain biking

Best date night:
Outdoor summer concerts and good food 

3 meals you would take to a desert island (breakfast, lunch, dinner):
Açcai bowls, veggie sandwich, Burritos 

Biggest fear:
Road kill, climate change and animals going extinct

Guilty pleasure:

Axiology shade:
I’m a red lipstick kinda girl — True and Worth

Tell me something people don’t know about Jessyka:
She loves tattoos! She’s got some cool ones like a 90’s troll on her leg, a bunny holding a donut and her whole arm is covered in geometric line work. 

Tell me something people don’t know about Chloe:
The girl can bake! She makes so many good treats and always spoils us. She’ll make like 3 banana bread loaves in one day and bring them all into the space to share. 

Tell me something people don’t know about Kelly:
She is hilarious. Her dry sense of humor is the best. 

Tell me something people don’t know about Kenna:
She LOVES caffeine! Haha! Also she sings along to the songs we play in the warehouse and it’s super cute. 

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