Minimal Makeup Go-To's + Fostering Community with Irene Williams [Interview]

It was a pleasure catching up with Irene Williams, manager of Credo Beauty LA. Give her a visit when you're in LA, or if you need someone to be the first person you tell that you're pregnant. She's your girl either way! 
Interview with Credo Beauty LA store manager Irene Williams

It was a pleasure catching up with Irene Williams, manager of Credo Beauty in LA. Give her a visit when you're in LA or if you need someone to be the first person you tell that you're pregnant. She's your girl! 

What do you do at Credo?

I’m the store manager at Credo LA. I teach my team how to be effective on the sales floor and develop their leadership skills so they can take on new opportunities with Credo when they come up. 

The coolest thing about your job?

The coolest thing about my job is often being the first person people tell they're pregnant! I had a customer say the other day, “I haven’t told anybody this yet, not even my dad!” I love seeing the evolution in my clients' pregnancies and then seeing their babies growing into little kids. It’s so cool and special. 

How did you end up working in beauty?

I was a single mom raising a young son and going to community college. One of my classmates told me that I could probably get a job at MAC as long as I had makeup experience. I was innately comfortable with makeup and had a knack for it so I started working at MAC in 2003 and have been in the industry ever since. 

What did you want to be when you were little?

Haha, are you sure you want to know? I really wanted to be on the SWAT team. I wanted to join the marines when I was 18 before I had my son. 

The most unexpected or surprising way you've worked with makeup?

Well, the most fun way I worked with makeup was a fashion show I worked at in Miami. It was a fashion show for Tommy Hilfiger. My job was to do all the guys’ makeup and rubbing face and body makeup all over them. 

What do you think makes you so good at your job? 

I think just being a good listener and really understanding my clients. I really try to practice active listening and my goal is always to create connections within the community. I strive to make our Credo store a safe space that is non-judgmental and feels comfortable. I want it to feel like a true neighborhood community without any feelings of stuffiness. 

What are you wearing right now?

My makeup is so minimal! 

Alima pure concealer

Well People powder

ILIA Muli-stick for cheeks 

Axiology lip-to-lid Balmie in Nude Plum 

Tower 28 lip jelly

Magnetic Lashes by Lovelash

What product do you have an unhealthy obsession with?

Skincare! I love exfoliation products and masking. Two of my favorite products are Goldfaden Fresh A Peel and Marie Veronique’s intensive repair serum

What’s in your purse right now?

I actually use your Bunnies Over Profits bag, it’s the perfect size!

It’s full of all the makeup I am wearing right now but also H Gillerman’s essential oils. I use the stress remedy for instant relief. I apply it behind my ears and all over when I need a quick pick me up. 

Axiology Balmies or Multi-Stick?

Definitely the Balmies. I just love the texture. It’s smooth, but pigment-packed, so I can use it anywhere for a monochromatic look. 

Favorite Axiology lip color and why?

Nude Plum! It’s my go-to for every client when they don’t know what colors they like. It’s so versatile and really does look great on most everyone. 

First word that came to mind when you first tried Axiology?

Well, you sent us a gift bag and I remember seeing your blue shade, Phenomenon. I remember thinking how amazing it was that a company made a blue lip color AND that it was so clean my daughter could wear it! My daughter actually loves playing with makeup so I am happy she can play with Axiology. I also remember seeing your name and thinking oh! The founder must be Latina which excited me because we need more diverse representation in clean beauty. 

Is there a new beauty / makeup trend you’re totally feeling right now?

I really don’t go on social media because I am just so bored with “trends.” It’s all the same trends coming back and being remarketed to be “original.” For example, the eyebrow trend “flick” — that’s been around forever, it’s not new. 

Do you change up your makeup routine for the seasons and if so, how?

No, I really just keep it the same. The only thing that changes is my lip color but I really don’t buy into the fact that makeup should be seasonal. Women should wear what they feel comfortable in and not have it be based on the season. 

Favorite beauty hack?

I create a tight line underneath my upper lash line (the waterline) to give the illusion of a fuller and more voluminous lash. Then I will finish it off with magnetic lashes 

Where do you get your clean beauty tricks and tips?

From Matin, he is a makeup artist that is part of our Clean Beauty Council here at Credo.

What are you excited to see happen next in clean beauty?

More color range and vibrancy! We need more fun colors! 

What beauty products or trends are you tired of? 

Filters on photos. There are people who create amazing makeup looks and then they add a filter to their photo so it’s not a real representation. Also, the filters make it so people who are learning to apply makeup can’t recreate the look.

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