Raíz & Luz Ilumina C Illuminating Oil Serum $ 57
Our best-selling oil serum naturally nourishes, plumps, and illuminates. This unique blend combines 7% vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, and four cold-pressed Latin American oils. Skin restoring tomato + pomegranate seed oil, fragrant maracuya seed oil, and illuminating prickly pear seed oil brighten your complexion from the inside out. Water-free Vitamin C formula: Vitamin C is more stable in oil-based formulas, so you get all the brightening benefits until the bottle is up. Ultimate illuminating effect: Our unique blend of tomato, pomegranate, maracuya, and prickly pear are rich in vitamins and antioxidants known to target hyperpigmentation. Made in small batches: With cold-pressed oils straight from local producers, this preserves the freshness and potency of every ingredient. Local & traceable: Peruvian passion fruit, prickly pear from the depths of the Mexican desert, colorful pomegranate, and tomato create a powerful elixir to balance & nourish your skin.
Raíz & Luz UVA Enzyme Oil to Milk Cleanser $ 35
Dissolve makeup, dirt, and grime to prep your face for the rest of your routine. Powered by Mexican grapes, castor seed oil, and a touch of prebiotic enzymes directly from papayas. This extra-gentle cleanser freshens and soothes your skin. Nourishing & hydrating: Preserve your skin’s moisture barrier while gently exfoliating thanks to the added papaya ferment. Papain enzymes are known to softly dissolve dead skin. Great on its own or as a double cleanser: Dissolve even the most stubborn makeup without stripping your skin thanks to our unique blend of nourishing oils. Lightweight and non-comedogenic: Grape seed, papaya seed, and castor oil care for your skin. Bye-bye clogged pores: these get the grime out without drying you out! Transparent: No obscure origins here! Our grape oil comes from vineyards in Northern Mexico and our products are proudly made in the US.
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