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Original Axiology lipstick boxes with cover-up stickers
Running a business is hard — almost every day my stomach ties into knots, and my mind is constantly spinning with ideas, worries, and anxieties about Axiology (thank you meditation for the reprieve). I became a beauty entrepreneur without really...
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Meet the Axiology Beauty team, pictured at Indie Beauty Expo London
Hi! Ericka here, founder of Axiology. I wanted to dedicate a little space on the Internet to introduce you to the wonderful ladies of Axiology. These are some of the most incredible people on the planet, and I couldn’t be...
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The dark side of lanolin
When browsing labels on cosmetics products, you’re bound to see the same ingredients over and over again. One of them is lanolin. As with squalane, formulators use lanolin in beauty products to supplement the skin’s natural functions — in the...
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